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Music Therapy Maven: A Retrospective

by Kimberly on July 12, 2012 · 0 comments

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I’m feeling a bit nostalgic these days. Perhaps it’s reconnecting with old friends on Facebook, reading books that remind me of my grad school days, or watching my kids grow and thinking of my own childhood experiences.

Doesn’t matter…other than I feel in the mood to remember and reflect.

I am carrying this mood over to the Maven. Although I don’t know if this is really the case or just my perception, but I think that the Maven has evolved as I have evolved. My writing style, content, flow, and possibly even readership has changed in the 3.5 years and 283 posts that the Maven has been alive.

So just for fun, here is a look back…a brief retrospective, if you will:

First post ever – Music and Business and Research, Oh My!

Top read and commented on post (thank you Google)How to Become a Music Therapist

First post to generate a meaningful discussion…and get me to think that this blogging thing might be kind of funSympathy v. Empathy: Which Should a Therapist Have?

Post that kicked of a 7-part series that launched an ebookHow to Start Your Therapy Practice: The Bare Necessities

First post to generate a lot of traffic – Crossing the Midline: What’s the Big Deal?

First time I realized that sometimes you have to be careful how you describe things  (even had to write a second post to clarify things)“Momma” v. Therapist

My first real list postThese are My 62 Favorite Things

First video post! What is Music Therapy? (The Video)

Getting the first music therapy tweetup organized at our national conferenceLet’s Meetup for a Tweetup!

First neuro song (I miss writing these!)The Neurodevelopment Song

Celebrating some local advocacyWe’re in the paper!

First time I feel I *really* started sharing link loveMusic Therapy Bloggers to Watch in 2010

Sharing a major change in my life with my readers –  Turn, Turn, Turn: A Season for Everything

I was rather proud of this little transfer I made…thought I was rather clever at the timeHow the “Undercover Bosses” Learned to Be Like Therapists

The day my ebook was launched – The Therapy Business Blueprint is Finally Here!!!

First family holiday video – Merry Christmas!

The title says it all… – The Best Nail Polish Ever

Another post in which I chuckled at my perceived cleverness – BLUE…of How to Get Off Your Butt and Start Blogging Already

Addressing my struggles in trying to balance and juggle it allI Am Not Superwoman

If you have been a Maven reader for awhile, first of all THANK YOU for your interest in this little blog. And secondly, what post do you remember most?


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