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Testimony about the Productivity Primer

Not convinced yet? Here’s what one reader had to say about my Productivity Primer:

I just read this, and it is amazing! I’m starting with the to do lists. Currently I have seven different lists…some of them overlap, some of them list things that really belong somewhere else…and things get lost. I just printed out all seven lists (from Google Cal) and I’m going to spend some time…right now, organizing them into daily, weekly and long term lists.

I have struggled for years with having more desire to organize and accomplish things than skills to make it happen. Your primer has inspired me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. My beloveds have implored me to be more structured, more organized, and I think reading this primer has been the first step in a new, success oriented journey for me.

I’d love to gush more about how inspired I feel, but my writing emails chunk has expired and I need to organize my organization 🙂