I thought it may help if I provide you with a list of services and products I use on a regular basis. Some are related to “working” online (e.g. having a website, using social media, etc.), some are books I’ve read, and others are products I use as a therapist (e.g. my audio and video recorders). I will continue to add to this Resource page as I learn about, use, and love new products and services. Enjoy!

The products and services listed below are ones that I know, have used, and endorse. There are some items on here that contain affiliate links, but they’re not on here because of that–they’re included as a Resource because I have used them and like them. Where possible, I also include a link to the article that reviews the product or service.

Tools for Starting a Website/Blog

  • Powweb Web Hosting: If you want a website, you need a place to “rent” internet space, called “hosting.” I use Powweb for this blog. Great price, GREAT customer service, easy to use.
  • Godaddy Domain Names: This is my go-to site for domain names (and NOT because of Danika Patrick :D). Reliable, helpful, affordable.
  • This is THE best blogging software out there. It’s free, flexible, powerful, with incredible support forums and tutorials. And it integrates beautifully with Powweb.
  • The Thesis Theme for WordPress: This is what makes my blog looks good. Tons of features, tons of support.

Email Newsletter

  • Aweber: Tons of features, easy to use, GREAT customer support. I think this is the best email marketing tool out there…and shared some of it’s pros and cons in my review of Aweber.

Manage your Social Media

  • Tweetdeck: Manage your twitter and facebook feed. Syncs with your computer and smartphone.
  • Twaitter: A beautiful way to schedule tweets in advance. Free.

Graphic Design


Books and Audiobooks

The following links will take you to blogs and websites where you can find additional information. Some are sites I use frequently; others are sites you have recommended. If you’d like your blog or website listed here, please contact me directly.

My Businesses

Neurosong Music Therapy Services

Beyond the Notes LLC

Music Therapy Pro

Music Therapy

American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)

Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT)

Neurologic Music Therapy

Music Therapy Neurology Network

Music Therapy Talk

Colorado Association for Music Therapy

Erfurt Music Resource

Music Therapy Blogs

ABCDA MusicoTerapia

The George Center for Music Therapy

Listen and Learn: Educational Songs for School, Home, and Play

Music Makes Sense

Music Therapy 365

The Crazy Music Lady

The Mindful Music Therapist

The Music Therapy Show with Janice Harris

The Musical Stylings of Adrian Sakashita

More with Music

Music Matters

Music Therapy Moments

Music Therapy Source

Time for Music

Music Therapy Tween

The Rhythm Tree

Soundscape Music Therapy

Easy Ear Training

Resources for the Private Practitioner

Small Business Administration

Internet Business Mastery

International Association of Therapists in Private Practice

The Smart Passive Income Blog

Brian Tracy




Blog for Profit