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Sena Moore, K., & Hanson-Abromeit, D. (2015). Theory-guided Therapeutic Function of Music to facilitate emotion regulation development in preschool-aged children. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 9, 572. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2015.00572

Sena Moore, K. (2015). Music therapy advocacy for professional recognition: A historical perspective and future directions. Music Therapy Perspectives, 33(1), 76-85. doi: 10.1093/mtp/miu043

Hanson-Abromeit, D. & Sena Moore, K. (2014). The systematic review as a research process in music therapy. Journal of Music Therapy, 51(1), 4-38.

Sena Moore, K. (2013). A systematic review on the neural effects of music on emotion regulation: Implications for music therapy practice. Journal of Music Therapy, 50(3), 198-242.

Sena Moore, K., Peterson, D. A., O’Shea, G., McIntosh, G. C., & Thaut, M. H. (2008). The effectiveness of music as a mnemonic device on recognition memory for people with multiple sclerosis. Journal of Music Therapy, 45(3), 307-329.

Thaut, M. H., Peterson, D. A., Sena, K.M., & McIntosh, G. C. (2008). Musical structure facilitates verbal learning in multiple sclerosis. Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 25(4), 325-330.

Gfeller, K. E., Olszewski, C., Rychener, M., Sena, K., Knutson, J., Witt, S., & Macpherson B. (2005). Recognition of ‘real-world’ musical excerpts by cochlear implant recipients and normal hearing adults. Ear and Hearing, 26(3), 237-250.

Other Publications

Sena Moore, K. (in press). Emotion regulation development, rote-based learning, and generalization: An exploration. Imagine.

Sena Moore, K. (2014). Understanding emotion regulation development. Imagine, 5(1), 76-79.

Sena Moore, K. (2013, Spring). Does music training make you smarter? The important role of music education in brain development and what that means for your program. Tennessee Musician, 65(3), 8-10.

Sena Moore, K. (2009). The therapy business blueprint: A 7-step approach to starting your own private practice [e-book].

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