Welcome! My name is Kimberly Sena Moore. I am a Board-Certified Music Therapist and Neurologic Music Therapist. I am the owner of Neurosong Music Therapy Services, a contractual music therapy agency, run the blogs the  Music Therapy Maven and Your Musical Self (through Psychology Today), am a co-host on the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, and serve as the Regulatory Affairs Associate for the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

As a music therapist, I provide individual and group music therapy services to children, teens, and adults in the Warrensburg/Sedalia area. Click HERE to learn more about Neurosong’s music therapy services.

In addition to this blog, I offer personalized consultations for therapists in private practice who are looking to improve their marketing, development, and communication practices. Click HERE to learn more about these services.

I’m also passionate about sharing music therapy with the world. As such, there are other places you’ll find me. I write the blog “Your Musical Self” for Psychology Today. I’m also a co-host of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast.


I received my Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from the University of Iowa, then moved to San Diego, CA for six months for my clinical training internship at Musicworx of California. Next came Fort Collins, CO, where I earned my Masters of Music in Music Therapy at Colorado State University. I fell in love with the Rockies and decided, if I could make it work, I would stay.

Well–1 husband, 2 kids, and 1 career later I was making it work. I started Neurosong Music Therapy Services, a contractual agency providing music therapy services to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and mental health treatment centers in northern Colorado.

Then life took a different direction and in the summer 2010 we found ourselves in Warrensburg, MO. So I am re-grouping, starting a new job with CBMT and getting to spend more time providing you with more cool things right here on this blog.

Music Therapy

As a music therapist, my main interests are in the areas of trauma and attachment, special needs, and neurorehabilitation. I have advanced training in Neurologic Music Therapy, am an NMT Fellow, and have taken the HealthRhythms training.

I have served on the Board of the Colorado Association for Music Therapy, on the Exam Committee for the Certification Board for Music Therapists, and on the Colorado State Task Force promoting state recognition of the MT-BC credential. I’m also an active speaker locally, regionally, and nationally (click here to learn more).

Finally, I manage my husband’s online music education software company, Beyond the Notes, LLC., which provides software, ebooks, and music designed to teach music literacy to all young musicians.

Why I started the Music Therapy Maven?

The primary reason I started the Music Therapy Mavenwas to provide you with resources and information related to music therapy, music neuroscience, and small business development. The focus of this blog is to provide information and resources that will help make you the best music therapist possible.

Since you are the main reason this blog exists, I will always encourage comments and even emails asking me questions about music therapy. Seriously, I do. Never feel like you can’t leave a comment on this blog. It’s the conversations we have and the relationships we’ve developed through these conversations that make this blog worthwhile.

Click HERE to contact Kimberly.

Disclosures and Relationships

Although the primary purpose of this blog is to provide you with information, you will notice a “Suggested Resources” page. All the products and providers I recommend on this page are ones I know and trust. Additionally, you will see other types of advertisements from time to time. It’s good business practice to have multiple income streams and I wanted to see if it worked for blogging, too!

In the spirit of full disclosure, here are the ways this blog makes money:

  • Suggested Resources — Some of the resources I suggest allow me to have an affiliate link to their site. This means that, if you purchase one of these resources, I will make an affiliate commission.
  • Suggested Books or Products — Almost every book, CD, or electronic product I suggest on the Music Therapy Maven will have an affiliate link to my Amazon Affiliate account. If you buy the product after clicking on my link, I will make a 4 to 5% commission.
  • Sponsors and Supporters —Every once in awhile you may see a sponsored ad on the sidebar. Should you find an ad on this site, it means I endorse the product and believe it adds value for you.

Know that if I put a product, book, or resource on the Music Therapy Maven, I have checked it out, like the product, and trust who is providing it.

Don’t Forget to Subscribe

I post new articles on the Music Therapy Maven at least once a week. I share new posts on Twitter and Facebook, but you may prefer to use one of our subscription services to get the latest articles. You can get updates via our RSS Feed or Email. Simply click on the link on the upper left to subscribe (Don’t know what all this means? I wrote an article to help you out).

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Have a Question?

If there is ever a topic you would like to see me address or if you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I always enjoy hearing from you and building a relationship through our conversations.

Thank you for reading the Music Therapy Maven!

Photos courtesy of the talented Steve Rambach. Thank you, Steve!

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Farzane Pouladi May 7, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Dear Mrs,
It would be honorable for me to contact with you.
At first, I want to introduce myself:
I am a postgraduate of psychology in the University of Tehran. I know Persian classical music and play Setar that is one of the instruments in Persian music for 10 years and I am also the late player´s student whose name is Mohammad-Reza Lotfi.
I have worked in field of neurofeedback since 3 years ago and I have many studies about music and brain by fMRI and QEEG. My thesis was “Evaluation the Effects of Persian classical music Dastgahs on the functionality of Brain Regions by fMRI” that I am writing articles about its findings.
We have especial type of music in Iran that is very grateful, but unfortunately, little studies have be done about this music.
If you like to listen that, I can send some pieces of our music.
Now, I would like to do new works about therapeutic importance of Persian music and other studies in the field of brain music therapy (BMT).
I am very eager to use from yours experiences.
I am looking forward to hearing from yours soon.
sincerely yours

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