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Top 10 Little-Read Posts from the Maven Archives

by Kimberly on May 11, 2011 · 0 comments

It’s magic! I’m on vacation…yet there’s another blog post 🙂

I’m taking a week off for some much-needed R&R time with my family. Which gave me the perfect opportunity to dive in to the Maven archives and dig up some old articles for you:

  1. Which is More Critical: Science-Based Treatment? Or Skilled Therapists?
  2. What You Ought to Know About Earning Money Online
  3. How to Educate a Diverse Crowd: A Music Therapist’s Dilemma
  4. How to Tell the Difference Between the Helping Music Professions
  5. On Attention, Learning, Plasticity, and Individuality
  6. A Disability is Only a Difference
  7. How to Be a Top-Notch Interviewee
  8. Sympathy v. Empathy: Which Should a Therapist Have?
  9. A Sneak Peek at the Podcasts I Love
  10. And finally–in tribute to this week’s vacation–101 Inspired Ways to Re-Fill Your Emotional Cup

Happy reading! And I’ll “see” you next week with some brand-new Maven posts.

P.S. So tell me…what did you think? Is there a difference between older Maven posts and newer Maven posts? If you have any insights or suggestions, please share them by leaving a comment below!


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