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by Kimberly on July 14, 2009 · 0 comments

Anyone who has ever been on vacation knows that it takes time to both prepare for your departure and to transition back to work. As it is for me right now.

And in that spirit of trying to catch up with everything domestic and professional, I have decided that, instead of the knowledgeable, rich, thought-provoking content I usually write (*heehee*), this entry will simply include links to pertinent articles, videos, and posts that emerged over the last month.

  • “Music for Cavemen” Simply cool. Scientists found a 35,000 year old flute, what they consider to be the earliest found handcrafted musical instrument. Learn about it here.
  • “Why Music Moves Us” An article from Scientific American. The writer does a nice job summarizThe Daily Bloging the effect of music on our emotions and the evolutionary and social implications of this effect. Read the article here.
  • “HealthRHYTHMS May Help Reduce the ‘Columbine Effect'” This is for anyone who facilitates drum circles and/or who works with at-risk youth. The article describes a study by Dr. Barry Bittman that suggests that participating in a drum circle may empower at-risk youth. Access the article here.
  • “Effect of Music Therapy on Oncological Staff Bystanders” This is cool. A couple of Australian researchers found that music therapy is also beneficial for staff, even if the music therapist is only working with the patient. Read about it here.

Happy reading!


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