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21 Reasons Why I #LoveMusicTherapy

by Kimberly on January 24, 2013 · 0 comments

21 Reasons Why I #LoveMusicTherapy

  1. The relationship of the art of music therapy and the science of music therapy is amazing.
  2. I get to sing every day.
  3. Saying “I’m a music therapist” is a great conversation starter.
  4. It’s a continual challenge to stay current.
  5. I have an incredible opportunity to witness change in others.
  6. I get a lot of smiles from clients, their families, and colleagues.
  7. It’s fascinating to read the literature and learn how music engages and changes our brain and behavior function.
  8. It’s even more fascinating to see music make this change in others.
  9. I have experienced the extremes in human vulnerability, strength, and beauty.
  10. It can be fun! (shhhh…don’t tell…)
  11. I can improvise.
  12. It’s interdisciplinary and I get to collaborate frequently with some amazing folks.
  13. I love learning about the brain.
  14. The complexities of music therapy—the nuances of the therapeutic relationship, the intricacies of the music stimulus, the science of brain and behavior function, the growing body of research and knowledge—these complexities keep me interested, curious, and challenged.
  15. It’s exciting to witness that lightbulb moment when people “get it.”
  16. I’m periodically surprised at how easily my “clinical therapist” skills transfer to other areas of my life as an educator, parent, advocate…even spouse.
  17. I get to play fun instruments like djembes, ukeleles, and shekeres (plus I know how to spell them).
  18. The learning and the work is multidisciplinary. I will never get bored.
  19. I am on the whole a better musician due to my music therapy training.
  20. I have the privilege of using this incredibly powerful medium to effect tremendous change in others (or at least the present them the opportunity to change).
  21. Regardless of my job title or position, I will always say “Hi, my name is Kimberly Sena Moore and I am a music therapist.”

So…what’s on your list?


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