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World Congress-bound: A Preview

by Kimberly on July 2, 2017 · 1 comment

I blog this morning from a hotel room outside the LAX airport. In 6 hours I’ll be on a flight again and, should all go smoothly, in 17 hours will be touching down at Narita airport in Tokyo. From there I make the hourlong bus ride north to Tsukuba, Japan to attend the 15th World Congress of Music Therapy.

I’m beyond excited. Not only to experience Japan again (it’s been almost 20 years since my two week family trip in high school), but also to experience my first World Congress. For readers unfamiliar with this conference, the World Congress is organized by the World Federation for Music Therapists (WFMT). Every three years the WFMT brings together music therapy clinicians, educators, researchers, and students to learn and connect.

As an early career academic—surely 3 years still counts as early?—this will be my first international music therapy journey. I’m eager to meet music therapists from around the world and see how music therapy is practiced in other countries. This knowledge is sorely lacking for me…

Finally, I look forward to seeing friends from the US, Australia, Poland, and elsewhere who will also be in attendance. Conferences provide wonderful opportunities to reconnect with others, and recharge from these interactions.

If you are interested in following updates from the World Congress, I plan to post pictures to Instagram and will be live tweeting from the event (follow the #WCMT17).




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scott dell March 7, 2018 at 1:20 pm

Hi Ms. Sena-Moore –
Wonderful work you’re doing. Such an important time for MTs, given recent events near and far. To cut to the chase, I created It’s Bambam Drumfun Time. Think of it as an open-source rhythm arts afterschool micro-show.

I would be absolutely thrilled to discuss having you serve as a consultant. You would perhaps have a seat on my advisory committee if you choose.

If there is any interest, please respond to this email or call me at 305.763.4012.
I will understand if you are too busy and will always keep you in mind as I serve as creator-host-writer, and lead drum captain of It’s Bambam Drumfun Time, wherever I launch.

Best wishes and continued success …
Scott Dell

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