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It’s been awhile since I posted any interesting articles. Read below for engaging and stimulating articles on brain plasticity, the importance of music instruction, music and memory, music and emotions, and music for pain management for our youngest children.

  1. Reflections on Plasticity. The concept of neuroplasticity is foundational for understanding why and how music therapy works. More specifically, it helps us understand how music can be used to change brain and behavior function. This post provides a wonderful, easy-to-understand explanation of how plasticity works.
  2. Music Instruction Improves Learning Ability. I recently published a post on the importance of music education for our children. Here is further support for WHY.
  3. Music Reduces Pain for Babies During Circumcision. Music is being increasingly used for labor & delivery and in NICU’s. In fact, music therapists can get specialized training as NICU music therapists. This article refers to research testing the use of music for pain relief in the youngest human.
  4. Listening to Music Can Change the Way You Judge Facial Emotions. If you listen to music, you will no that music has the ability to affect how we feel. This article explains research to support that fact.
  5. Musicians Have a Better Memory — Not Just for Music, But Words and Pictures, Too. This post summarizes research which shows that musicians have better short and long term memory skills than non-musicians.
  6. Brain Scientists Identify Links Between Arts, Learning. An article in support of arts education, especially because of all the research supporting the beneficial effects music and art have on child learning and development.
  7. Fine Arts Change the Brain. Another writer summarizing the different ways music (and arts in general) is beneficial for a child’s brain development.


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