My (Most Recent) Deep, Dark Secret

by Kimberly on July 27, 2011 · 7 comments

I have a deep, dark secret I haven’t shared with many people. It’s taken me two years to fess up to it in public. But by sharing my secret with you, I hope that you’ll do things differently–and more smartly–than me.

What’s my deep, dark secret? I didn’t back up my computer for over two years.

Yes, it’s true. I, too, am guilty of extreme procrastination. For someone who spends 75% of her worklife on the computer…I was playing with fire by not backing up my computer.

I had created a temporary solution. I use–and love–Dropbox. So I simply uploaded my most important folders and files to Dropbox and used that as my backup. That way, if anything were to happen to my computer, those files and documents were saved in the cloud for me to access.

But this didn’t take care of all my documents, nor did it backup my photos and movies, many of which were of my kids and family (translation = priceless).

At the recommendation of friends and fellow Mac users Michelle Erfurt and Rachel Rambach, I recently purchased Western Digital My Passport Essential. It’s an external hard drive that plugs into your computer via a USB cord, is a little larger than a deck of cards, and is super-easy to use. Plus, it integrates with Time Machine, Apple’s automatic back-up software. My Passport offers loads of storage space (I purchased the 500 GB version, but there’s also a 1 TB version) and for $70-$110 dollars (depending on color and storage capacity), it’s well worth the money for easy-of-use and piece-of-mine.

And what if you’re a PC user? No problem! There’s a PC version of My Passport, too. I can’t speak to it specifically, but if it’s anything like the Mac version, you’ll have no problems!

Click these links to check out My Passport for Mac (the 500 GB version and the 1 TB USB version and this link to check out My Passport for PC (the 500 GB version and the 1 TB version).

I’m not exactly sure why I waited so long to do something so easy and important. I guess we all have our procrastination weak spots, don’t we?


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