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Mommy Mondays: My Mommy Guilt

by Kimberly on June 17, 2013 · 0 comments

I have never doubted my decision to be a working mommy. I firmly believe that working makes me a better mommy and that being a mommy makes me a better professional (I also firmly believe that this choice is my own and it doesn’t work for everyone).

But the so-called “mommy guilt” kicks in occasionally. Like last Friday when watching my kids play outside during a brief respite from the computer screen.

This summer my kiddos are in daycare Mondays through Thursdays, then home with me on Fridays and the weekends. Ideally, I’d be able to squeeze all my work in during those first four days, then will chill with the kids for a long three-day weekend.

Realistically, though, between writing my three comps research projects, an impending dissertation proposal, and planning for a rather complex move to Miami . . . well, the work needs to happen pretty much every day. Weekends included.

This is what’s needed right now and I understand that. I also understand that this is temporary. The move will pass and my PhD will get done. And it’s not like I don’t do fun things with the kids and spend quality time with them (that same Friday we went to a fish fry with some friends and their playmate children). But that mommy guilt pang creeps up every now and then. When it does, I acknowledge it, take a deep breath, enjoy watching my children play for a couple minutes . . .

. . . then let it go and head back to the computer.


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