2012 Social Media Advocacy Project in Numbers

by Kimberly on February 2, 2012 · 0 comments

It’s early February and we are wrapping up what I consider to be a very successful Social Media Advocacy project!

Last December, I sent a tickler email out to over 3 dozen music therapy bloggers and podcasters, inviting them to participate in this project. Here’s what we ended up with:

Forty participating blogs/podcasts published 50 text articles, 5 podcast episodes, and 3 advocacy videos, for a grand total of…

58 publications!

What’s Your Advocacy Personality?

In addition, do you remember the Advocacy Personality quiz we posted as part of this project? Twenty-one people reported taking the quiz. Here’s the breakdown of where this sample size stands on advocacy:

6 were Loud and Proud

5 were Not Afraid to Take the Lead

10 were Behind-the-Scene Sleuths

No one (0) held a Supporting Role

Hmmm…seems to me that music therapists may tend to be more active than not, don’t you think?

Thank You to the Participating Bloggers and Podcasters

Finally, I want to publicly thank all of the bloggers and podcasters who contributed in this month’s Social Media Advocacy project. It’s a success once again because of YOU! Thank you for your passion and for sharing your wisdom.

I have been keeping track of your individual articles on this page, and invite you to check out what these amazing people have said


Megumi Azekawa: Musically Thinking (musicallythinking.com)
Meryl Brown: Developing Melodies (developingmelodies.com)
John Carpente: Music and Child Development Blog (drjohnmtbc.wordpress.com)
Bernice Chu: All Things Healing (allthingshealing.com)
CJ Diachenko: The Musical Autist (themusicalautist.org)
Michelle Erfurt: Music Therapy Tween (musictherapytween.com) and Music Therapy Round Table podcast (musictherapyroundtable.com)
Jim Ernst: Do It In Public (jimernstblog.com)
Kat Fulton: Rhythm For Good (rhythmforgood.com)
Bonnie Hayhurst: The Groovy Garfoose (groovygarfoose.com)
JoAnn Jordan: Music Sparks (music2spark.com)
Kalani: (kalanimusic.com)
Amy Kalas: Wholesome Harmonies Music Therapy (whmusictherapy.com)
Andrew Knight: Music Therapy Research Blog Podcast (musictherapyresearchblog.com)
Debi Kret-Melton: Mind-Full Music Therapy Services (mindfullmusic.com)
Blythe LaGasse: Music Therapy Research Blog Podcast (musictherapyresearchblog.com)
Kate Legge: Music Matters (musicmatterstherapy.blogspot.com)
Janice Lindstrom: The Music Therapy Show with Janice Lindstrom (themusictherapyshow.blogspot.com)
Andrew Littlefield: MTI in the ATL (mtiintheatl.blogspot.com)
Matt Logan: Music Therapy Source (musictherapysource.com)
Ashley Lundquist: Music Therapy Equals Love (musictherapyequalslove.blogspot.com)
Bill Matney (billmatney.com)
Rebecca McClary: All Things Healing (allthingshealing.com)
Natalie Mullis: Key Changes Music Therapy (keychangesmusictherapy.com)
Rachelle Norman: Soundscape Music Therapy (soundscapemusictherapy.com)
Judith Pinkerton: Music 4 Life podcast (music4life.us) and judithpinkerton.com
Dean Quick: The Music From Within (themusicfromwithin.wordpress.com)
Roia Rafieyan: The Mindful Music Therapist (mindfulmusictherapist.blogspot.com)
Rachel Rambach: Listen and Learn Music (listenlearnmusic.com) and Music Therapy Round Table podcast (musictherapyroundtable.com)
Megan Resig: Mundana Music Therapy (mundanamusictherapy.com)
Wade Richards: Time for Music (timeformusic.org)
Stephanie Scheffel: The Rhythmic Mind (therhythmicmind.wordpress.com)
Sara Sendlbeck: Eclectic Guitar (theeclecticguitar.com)
Rachel See Smith: Music Therapy Services of Austin (musictherapyservices.net)
Jennifer Sokira: Connecticut Music Therapy Services (ctmusictherapy.com)
Michelle Strutzel: Beyond the Music MT (beyondthemusicmt.blogspot.com)
Daniel Tague: Music Makes Sense (musicmakessense.blogspot.com)
Natasha Thomas: Music Moves (musicmoves.areavoices.com)
Kristin Veveto: KNV Music Therapy (knvmusictherapy.com)
Annie Walljasper: Prelude Music Therapy (preludemt.blogspot.com)
Melinda Wilson: All Things Healing (allthingshealing.com)


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