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[PsychToday] Punk Music Isn’t “Bad”

by Kimberly on July 30, 2015 · 0 comments

Welcome to the Music Therapy Maven! I am so happy you are here. If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to this blog so you can get new articles easily. And don’t forget to join the conversation by commenting on the posts or by contacting me directly. Thanks for visiting!Early in my professional […]


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Am I a Therapist First or a Musician?

by Kimberly on July 20, 2015 · 3 comments

I’m two-thirds of the way through reading Ken Aigen’s 2013 book The Study of Music Therapy: Current Issues and Concepts. It’s been sitting on my shelf for almost a year, now, as I made myself focus solely on chipping away at my dissertation and completing first year of teaching. Now that both of those are […]


Disclaimer: This post gives away some plot lines from the Disney movie Inside Out. Read at your own risk.

The other day, the family and I did something that millions of other families do on a typically Sunday afternoon. We went to the movies. The movie of choice? Disney’s recently released cartoon movie Inside Out. I […]


[PsychToday] Therapy Through…Choir?

June 17, 2015
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There are just over 6,000 board certified music therapists in the United States. According to, there are over 321 million people living in the US. This means there is one music therapist for every 53,500 people in this country.
Now, of course, music therapists don’t work with everyone; we tend to work with individuals who […]

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On Shifts in Categorizing a Profession

June 11, 2015
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The field of music therapy is broad and diverse—diverse in approaches, in clinical and musical styles, in types of settings, and types of clinical populations. This diversity makes us hard to define (whole books have been written on defining music therapy), but it also allows for multiple perspectives on how to categorize the work we […]

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[PsychToday] 3 Steps to a Music-Enhanced Workout

June 5, 2015
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My workout time is my reading time. Between work, writing, kids, and family, I have little time to actually sit and read a book, so I listen to my books while exercising.
Except for the other day when my Audible app crapped out on me (I’ve since updated my software, so my apps are happy again). […]

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10 Truths Learned as a First-Year Novice University Professor

May 11, 2015
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As of the publishing of this post, I have submitted my grades for the spring 2015 term, thus ending my first year as a full-fledged university professor.
I’ve come to view my transition into professor-ship this year a bit like what it means to become a parent or be a PhD student. No one can really […]

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[PsychToday] Hearing Music in Baltimore

April 29, 2015
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The response of the Boston Symphony Orchestra was more than just a “feel good” nicety. Here’s why…Read more.

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[PsychToday] The Empowered Healthcare Consumer

March 21, 2015
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There’s a business side to being a healthcare professional. I’m not talking the “big business” aspect of healthcare—like hospitals, insurance companies, and “big pharma”—but more the professional side of being an individual practitioner. Of being regulated in some way…Read more.

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