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Best of 2011: The Top 10 Maven Posts

by Kimberly on December 28, 2011 · 0 comments

As we wrap up 2011, thought I would jump on the “best of ” bandwagon and contribute a list of the top Maven posts from this past year. Your views did the voting…and here’s what you liked:

10. It’s Raining Awesome YouTube Videos! (March 2011)

For whatever reason, last spring there was a plethora of amazing videos related in some way to music therapy. I shared several of them with you in this article.

9. 4 Reasons Why This Song is NOT Good for Walking (May 2011)

With all the media exposure music therapy received as a result of Rep. Gifford’s rehab treatment, the song that was given as an example to facilitate gait training (e.g. walking) really bugged me…and in this post I explain why.

8. It’s Brain Awareness Week! (March 2011)

I was incredibly humbled and proud that my friends over at Posit Science invited me to participate in a live Facebook Q&A on music and the brain.

7. 73 Things I Wish I’d Known as a New Therapist (March 2011)

This was one of those kernel-of-an-idea thoughts that just exploded. The wisdom and insight shared by music therapists via Twitter and Facebook completely astounded me and took me off guard…yet led to perhaps one of the best blog posts of the year!

6. The Best Nail Polish Ever (May 2011)

Yeah…that one surprised me, too 🙂

5. 13 Inspiring Articles from my Fellow Music Therapy Bloggers (May 2011)

When I wrote this, I remember being so awed and amazed by all the wonderful articles my fellow music therapy bloggers were contributing that I wanted to share a bunch with you.

4. What is Music Therapy State Recognition? (January 2011)

State recognition is a hot topic in our field these day…and made the more so by the passing to music therapy licensure legislation in North Dakota and Nevada last spring.

3. Book Review: Sing You Home (March 2011)

One of the several national-exposure-for-music-therapy events that made 2011 such a banner year for us as a profession.

2. Movie Review: The Music Never Stopped (March 2011)

What can I say? 2011 was a great year to be a music therapist!

1. What is a typical music therapy session like? (February 2011)

This, the top post from 2011, prompted one of the most insightful discussions in the comments section than I had seen in awhile.

Thank you for your continued readership and support. I wish you a safe and celebratory New Year. I’ll catch you again in 2012!


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